Benefits of bamboo flooring

Benefits of bamboo flooring

The popularity of bamboo flooring increased when more and more people turn away from traditional wood flooring. Bamboo floors are available in wide range of style. Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly choice and its main benefit is that it is available plenty in nature.

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Advantages of carpet stairs and carpet runners

Advantages of carpet stairs and carpet runners

The widely used and greatly experiencing foot traffic area in your home is stairs. Similarly one of the most dangerous accident prone areas of house is also stairs. Many types of stairs like porch stairs, deck, staircase etc can be seen in houses today. Although they are built fantastic, the chances of slips and falls have to be prevented. Generally carpeted stairs and runners are installed to prevent this.

Carpeted stairs offers many great benefits to home owners and some of them are stated below which may help you to decide carpet as a perfect option or not.

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carpet flooring advantages

Benefits of Carpet

Although people choosing carpet flooring due to eye catching styles, it has many benefits. Before you stick on any flooring options, just note down the features you expect or you actually want and compare it with selected flooring options and choose the one that gives you those features you are looking for. Carpet tends to be many people’s number one choice due to its variety of benefits.

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Suitable carpet flooring Brisbane

Solid Bamboo, Strand Woven Bamboo, and Engineered Bamboo Floors Brisbane

There are more than 1400 types of bamboo available in market. But most widely used variety of Bamboo is Moso as it is very strong and it is durable for flooring purposes. You know bamboo is from grass family and to convert it into planks, it has to be undergone many process. Sold Bamboo, Engineered Bamboo and Strand Woven Bamboo are the most commonly used bamboo floors in building industry. View More

Suitable carpet flooring Brisbane

Some Timber Flooring Cleaning Tips from Total Flooring

Timber flooring is best choice and people love because of its advantages over other floorings. If you maintained well you can keep your timber flooring look better. Depending on the foot traffic you can decide to mop your rooms; if it is kitchen you have to mop daily. View More

Suitable carpet flooring Brisbane

What is Loose-lay Vinyl plank?

Loose-lay Vinyl Plank is a new product available in the flooring market. But most of us don’t know about it.Flooring companies claims that Loose-lay Vinyl Plank is an innovate product from Vinyl family. Actually it is modular PVC flooring which can be installed easily and quickly. No adhesive needed to install Loose-lay Vinyl Planks. View More

Suitable carpet flooring Brisbane

How to choose right carpet flooring to your room?

You may feel bit difficult to choose the right carpet flooring for your room. We have to consider many facts while choosing a carpet. The main factor is colour. While selecting carpets for halls and stairs natural coloured carpet is good as it makes room airy and light. For dining rooms we suggests deep red or burgundy carpet as it give a classic look and for kid’s rooms bold colour carpets suits well for making them free to sleep and play and can have funs. View More

Vinyl Flooring Benefits Brisbane

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring has been popular choice of all for many years. It can replicate many kinds of floors like timber, stone. It is widely popular because of its varied advantages. Many forms of flooring like tiles, planks can be made from Vinyl.

  • Vinyl Flooring is durable
  • Vinyl flooring is easy to install
  • Vinyl flooring is easy to care
  • Vinyl flooring resists staining
  • Vinyl flooring can mimic other flooring options
  • Vinyl flooring reduces noise when compared to other traditional hardwood floorings
  • Vinyl flooring is highly moisture resistant when compared to the other flooring
  • Vinyl flooring is good to health as it avoids spills to penetrate the surface so harmful bacteria and germs cannot grow in it.

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Timber Flooring Services Brisbane

Why Timber flooring is best to your home?

While thinking about home renovation we are worried about choosing timber floors which are long lasting and stylish. The demand for Timber flooring has been increased over the past few years. It is because it has certain advantages over other floorings

  • Timber Flooring is affordable
  • Timber Flooring is durable
  • Fashion trends/changes won’t affect on timber flooring
  • Simple way to decorate our home
  • Gives luxurious look to our home dreams

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Suitable flooring Brisbane

Quality Flooring Solutions Brisbane

Selecting the most suitable flooring to our office or home is one of the most difficult and hectic job. The main criteria for selecting flooring options are budget and quality. It is hard to choose the best flooring because flooring because there are plenty of choices in colour, size and patterns available. If you are confused in choosing best flooring, total flooring will provide you help and guidance to find the carpet which fits your needs aptly. Whether we are planning flooring renewal for home or for office, carpets comes to our mind. Carpets are the most outstanding flooring decorative materials. Carpets are available in classic and standard designs and it is good option for everyone to select the perfect one which fits for them. If you want to make your home look fabulous you can select Laminate Flooring. Total Flooring offers Laminate Flooring Solutions with plenty of pattern and colours.

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I'm in a wheelchair so need some pretty hardy carpet. I told them this when I was on the phone and they bought out some excellent samples. The deal done, it was laidwitin 10 days. The carpet's durable and looks great. After vacuuming you can't even see the wheel tracks

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