Some Timber Flooring Cleaning Tips from Total Flooring
Timber Flooring Cleaning Brisbane

Timber flooring is best choice and people love because of its advantages over other floorings. If you maintained well you can keep your timber flooring look better. Depending on the foot traffic you can decide to mop your rooms; if it is kitchen you have to mop daily.

Below are some of the good advice to keep your timber floors long lasting and shining.
  • Don’t use too much water to clean your timber flooring; it will ruin your timber floors
  • Don’t use vinegar to clean your timber floors as you all know vinegar is an acid and can etch your timber floor’s finishing.
  • Vacuum your timber floors daily and if you don’t have time just do dust mop.
  • Use soft dusting pad with fringes to clean your timber floors.
Steps to clean your timber floors:
  • Dip the mop in water and wring out the moisture from it.
  • Dilute your chosen cleaning agent in water. Use specialised timber cleaning agent because just removing of dirt is not your aim but removing algae or moss on your timber floor.
  • We highly recommend flat mops as it won’t allow dirt trapping underneath otherwise floors get scratched.
  • Make sure your timber floors are getting dried behind you.
Smart Timber Flooring Tips:

We know cleaning is bit boring for you. So to minimise cleaning here are some smart tips.

  • Use doormats at entrances. This will reduce dirt.
  • Leave your shoes at the entrance. Ask others to follow this.
  • Wax your timber floors so that you can minimize mopping. Waxing is used to seal and protect your beautiful timber flooring
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