Advantages of Stair carpets and carpet runners
Advantages of carpet stairs and carpet runners

The widely used and greatly experiencing foot traffic area in your home is stairs. Similarly one of the most dangerous accident prone areas of house is also stairs. Many types of stairs like porch stairs, deck, staircase etc can be seen in houses today. Although they are built fantastic, the chances of slips and falls have to be prevented. Generally carpeted stairs and runners are installed to prevent this.

Carpeted stairs offers many great benefits to home owners and some of them are stated below which may help you to decide carpet as a perfect option or not.


Carpet stairs reduces the slips and falls and the risk of injury as it is softer place to land especially for young children and elderly.

Comfort and style

Endless styles, patterns and coloures of stair carpets or runners are available in shops. It will give a warm touch to your home and also easily blends with your décor. Along with appeal of your home, it will definitely increase your comfort too.

Reduce noise

Both carpeted stairs and runners help to reduce the noise while walking up and down the stairs. This will be a good choice for families having kids who love to run and play around the house and stairs.

Wear and tear

Carpet runners can protect your tiles and wood floors from scratches. It helps to keep your hardwood always beautiful and new.

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