Why Timber flooring is best to your home?
long lasting and stylish timber flooring Brisbane

While thinking about home renovation we are worried about choosing timber floors which are long lasting and stylish. The demand for Timber flooring has been increased over the past few years. It is because it has certain advantages over other floorings.

  • Timber Flooring is affordable
  • Timber Flooring is durable
  • Fashion trends/changes won’t affect on timber flooring
  • Simple way to decorate our home
  • Gives luxurious look to our home dreams
  • Cleaning takes just a couple of minutes
  • It looks warm
  • It is good for people who are suffering from allergic problems

Now we can understand why people love timber floors and prefer them. We assure you that it is your long term investment with less maintenance and care. If well cared timber floors will last longer than expected. Some of our common maintenance tips are stated below:

  • Please avoid too much moisture and dirt by using dirt trapping mats
  • Avoid dragging furniture or heavy objects across them
  • Make sure your pets nails and claws are trimmed regularly
  • Use protective pads on furniture legs to avoid marking on timber floors

If you are confused in selecting apt Timber flooring for your home, we can give you suggestions regarding that. As we all know Timber comes from Mother Nature and it is not water resistant, while selecting please make sure that the company gives guarantee on its durability. Total Flooring can help you on every flooring idea on your mind as we have been serving our clients for more than 25 years. If you need free measurement and free quote please contact us.

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