Timber Flooring

Although timber flooring is expensive when compared to other flooring choices, it is considered as highly desired flooring material. Timber floors are available in various style, shape and designs. Due to the wide variety of timber floors, people love it .Timber floors are popular and demanded by both home owners and office owners. The individual grains and coloures of timber flooring make your flooring a one-off spectacular display of nature. Total floorings’ timber flooring is prefinished for extra protection and durability.

Wooden flooring is sustainable and durable. It lasts long and it has many advantageous over other flooring solutions.

  • As discussed earlier it’s wide variety of patterns and style makes people select wooden flooring choices.
  • Wooden Floorings attracts visitors by giving rich look and feel so home owners or office owners can feel proud.
  • Wooden floorings need only less care than carpet flooring.
  • The main fact lies in the fact that people fear to choose timber floors because it is very expensive. But we have stocked many timber floors patterns which have roughly the same look of valuable timber floors and the cost is reasonable and fits your budget.
  • We are advising our clients to select engineered hardwood floors and laminated wooden floors as it can give the look of real hardwood floors and the cost is relatively low than timber floors. You cannot expect all timber floors have same high quality as you believe. It must be selected carefully and wisely. So buy timber floors from professional company who offers warranty.

We are also providing timber flooring installation services. Our Total Flooring team is fully qualified timber installers who pride themselves on high quality attention to detail. We have been installing wooden floors for many years as we have been in flooring industry for more than 50 years.

Are you looking for best wooden floorings in Brisbane? Hunting for a professional timber flooring installers in Brisbane? Need to know more about cheap wooden flooring patterns? Just give us a ring.

You can retain the good looks of timber flooring for many years if cared properly. Read some Timber Flooring Cleaning Tips from Total Flooring to ensure your wooden floors’ beauty.

Wooden Flooring is initially expensive when compared to other flooring solutions. But when you realise its benefits, you will never regret. Read some of the benefits of timber flooring here.

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