Vinyl is a man made synthetic material invented in 1920. It is a plastic material but it can be recycled. It is widely used from early 1950s for both commercial and residential purposes. Vinyl flooring used for Commercial purposes as it lasts long and it is highly durable. But the quality vinyl used for residential and commercial purposes varies. Commercial vinyl flooring should be tough and it has good finish. When thinking about safety flooring, our mind drives to Vinyl flooring. It is not only a safety flooring but also popular due to its ease in installation, wide range of patterns and designs and quality. The quality of vinyl flooring differs depending upon its prices. Vinyl is a stylish durable flooring that can replicate many kinds of floors, such as timber, stone and tile. Vinyl makes a great alternative to ceramic tile. Vinyl floor coverings are easy to take care of, need little or no maintenance and are suitable for rooms that are constantly exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens. We have many designs and colors to choose from. When compare to other flooring options like laminate Flooring, hardwood floors, Tiles etc Vinyl floors are inexpensive. If installed your rooms it will look great. Total Flooring can assist you in choosing the right Vinyl to suit your specific application. Please read some of the advantages of vinyl flooring here.

Special Commercial and Residential Vinyl Sheets

Special residential vinyl sheets and commercial R10 grade vinyl Sheet at affordable rates! Don’t miss it! Spend little and grab it now!

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