6 Advantages of Cheap Hybrid Flooring

cheap hybrid flooring

A word to the wise: never judge a flooring product by its cost. We tend to associate cheap flooring products with substandard aesthetics and poor features. But that isn’t always the case.

Perhaps you have some items from thrift stores or flea markets that have lasted through years even with frequent use. Similarly, cheap hybrid flooring isn’t parallel to poor performance. You’ll be surprised by how beneficial this flooring option can be! And being content will often go hand in hand when you are economical in your purchase.

This article will highlight the basics of hybrid flooring, its budget-friendly cost, and several of its advantages to influence your buying decisions. And to strengthen your base knowledge about hybrid flooring, let’s go through the basics first.

Get to know hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring, also called hybrid vinyl flooring or hybrid laminate flooring, is a flooring product with thickness ranging from 6.55 mm to 8.55 mm (depending on the brand and manufacturer).

This was the newest addition to the flooring market in 2019. Since then, it steadily rose to popularity. This is also due to competition in flooring resilience. With its waterproof core and top protective layer, it comes as no surprise that hybrid flooring is popular among property owners.

Hybrid flooring is made up of multiple pressed layers of various materials. It possesses the attractive and robust features of both laminate (durability) and vinyl (water-resistant) materials. This is why this is ideal to be installed throughout your residential or commercial property, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. You can also ensure that your flooring is not susceptible to damaging moisture, especially in your bathrooms and kitchens.

Layers of hybrid flooring

The following layers make up hybrid flooring:

  • Protective or wear layer (UV coating). This layer resists scratches, warps, and water absorption.
  • Aesthetic layer. This is responsible for the hybrid flooring’s timber look (matching authentic timber).
  • Core board. This limestone composite relays the solid quality of a hybrid flooring, making it insusceptible to extreme temperature changes.
  • Cork backing or underlay. This provides exceptional acoustics and underfoot comfort.

Is Hybrid Flooring Expensive?

Before buying hybrid flooring, know what you want, including the length you need, what area you want to install this in, and the products’ warranty deals.

This is another consideration: do not spend beyond your means. Remember what we said about buying cheap earlier? Best-selling author John C. Maxwell even said, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

In Australia, the average cost of hybrid flooring is relatively lower compared to other flooring options. The approximate price ranges from $35 to $60 per square metre for supply only. As for the installation costs (straightforward installation), particularly in Sydney and New South Wales, they generally range from $25 to $30 per square metre.

Additionally, the installation costs will depend on some factors, such as board width, wood type, and the property area where you seek to install this flooring product.

Other fees might also be included, depending on the flooring service provider. Again, to ensure that you are spending within your budget, ask for advice to estimate the costs.

What Are the Advantages of Hybrid Flooring?

As mentioned earlier, cheap hybrid flooring has been continuously making its mark in the flooring market. But is this a worthwhile investment?

When you consider installing new flooring, don’t rely on an option just for its unique look. Instead, choose the type that’s both beautiful and functional. For these, opt for hybrid flooring. The following lays out the advantages of this popular flooring type that will certainly make you consider buying it!

1. Durability

Remember that your flooring should last a lifetime since it is your property’s foundation. When you want a flooring product that’s hard-wearing, hybrid flooring is your best option.

One thing that makes hybrid flooring in demand is its durability. This is due to the multiple layers and substances used (e.g., UV-protected aluminium oxide). It can even withstand up to 2 decades of wear and tear.

With this, your floor is free from scratches, and it doesn’t quickly deteriorate, even with Australia’s diverse weather conditions.

2. Cutting-edge look

Hybrid flooring isn’t called “fashionable” for nothing, and its expensive and modern appearance further justifies this. Who wouldn’t want a stylish look, especially when it’s property flooring we’re talking about?

With hybrid flooring, you’ll grace your home with a natural-looking floor that complements your space’s interior design—getting the feel of standard, solid timber. In addition, it exudes an inviting, warm, and comforting feeling.

Lastly, it comes in plenty of colours and designs to complement any property décor—making your floors even more eye-catching!

3. Sustainability

As much as it’s appealing and wear-resistant, hybrid flooring is a sustainable flooring option.

Hybrid flooring is considered environmentally friendly because of its internal layer composition. This usually consists of recycled wood, limestone core, bamboo dust, and virgin PVC.

4. Easy installation and low maintenance

Hybrid flooring doesn’t require multiple cleaning products and equipment compared with other flooring types. You can just soak a mop to clean up food and beverage spills. Pair that with regular sweeping or vacuuming to ensure your flooring’s long-lasting appearance. So, you see, it’s not only budget-friendly; it’s also cheap to maintain.

You can also lay hybrid flooring over existing flooring products. Just ensure that it is smooth and even. This floating floor’s installation is manageable with its click and lock mechanism. In addition, you can conduct a DIY installation with some easy-to-use equipment.

5. Waterproof

Water may have many different uses, but this has been one of the many persistent problems for flooring manufacturers. So, they thought of creating flooring types that could withstand it since moisture can quickly damage your flooring, especially standard hardwood flooring.

The top advantage of hybrid flooring plank is it is water-resistant. Moisture doesn’t affect your surface or subfloor, therefore avoiding early decay.

This is ideal for your home or office areas that are prone to wetness and liquid spills, such as bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, and entryways.

6. Increases property value

When you add up the reasons why you choose hybrid-flooring, they pretty much come down to market value—especially when you plan to sell your residential or commercial property. Buyers will not take a second glance at a property with poorly-maintained flooring; it simply reflects substandard value.

Investing in your high-quality flooring at a competitive price should be highly considered, regardless of whether you are planning to sell it now or intend to keep it. After all, why live and work in a property where comfort and aesthetics are low quality? You deserve each benefit you can get out of a superior flooring option—all within your intended budget.

A specific selection mistake can create a boomerang effect, so always equate beauty with functionality to ensure your flooring’s overall efficiency. Hybrid flooring is undoubtedly durable, waterproof, affordable, and fashionable. Plus, you are not obligated to overspend to get it all in one go!

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