7 Benefits of Using Cheap Wood Planks

cheap wood planks

Woods have various uses—furniture, paper goods, flooring products, etc. And one popular wood product is the wood plank, which is used in building houses, offices, bridges, and manufacturing flooring materials.  

Cheap wood planks dominate the flooring industry today, and they do not seem to disappoint end-users in terms of durability, quality, and appeal.  

In this blog post, know more about wood plank flooring benefits to understand why it’s the perfect flooring choice for you. 

What are wooden planks?

Wooden planks are manufactured from solid-sawn timber that is flat, rectangular, and elongated with parallel faces. According to Scaffolding, Shoring & Forming Institute, some common wooden plank types are:

  • Solid Sawn: traditional solid planks
  • Engineered: cross layers of plywood pressed together
  • Face Laminated: made from two or more members bonded with exterior grade adhesive
  • Pinned: made from two or more members mechanically fastened together
  • Structural Composite Lumber (SCL): products with discrete elements bonded together with an exterior grade adhesive

Also, some of the best wood plank flooring species are cherry, maple, oak, light-bodied walnut, pine, and chestnut. So, you have plenty of options should you choose to install them as your flooring.

Cheap Wood planks: background

The use of wood in the construction sector is believed to have started way back to the Hittites (1600-1178 BCE, with wooden planks used for cave flooring near the Black Sea), while others say it began during the Middle Ages.

Meanwhile, during 3000-1050 BCE in Egypt, timber was used with bricks to construct houses and surface brick stairs, protecting them against wear.

And with its various usage in the modern construction industry, it is no surprise that wooden planks are continually in demand among property owners and builders.

Benefits of Wood Planks

Now, let’s have a look at some known benefits of using wood planks:

1. Highly durable

Aside from their reasonable prices, wood plank floors are sturdier than strip flooring, and many people can confirm that.

Wood planks can last up to two decades, especially when properly cared for or applied with hard-wearing finishes and sealers. This material’s density contributes to its sturdiness, resisting wear and tear.

So, when it comes to your performance standards, wood planks will meet or exceed them.

2: Multiple application

Wood planks can be used for manufacturing several property materials, such as customised home décor, walls, tables, shelves, and other home or office furniture. These wood planks are sawn in three different ways—flat-sawn, rift-sawn, and quarter-sawn, depending on the application.

Sawn wood planks are available in a range of inexpensive to pricier options. To make an informed choice, you can always talk to the experts to find a type that falls within your budget.

3: Long-lasting

Wood planks attribute their durability to their thickness, wood coatings and finishes used, and regular cleanup. (A side note: wood planks are also cheap to maintain since you only have to sweep them regularly and apply finishes occasionally.)

Solid wood floors have become even more attractive for their long-lasting performance. If properly installed, cleaned, and attended to, they can last for 2 decades or more! Nothing beats the feeling of living and working in a secure, clean, and healthy environment.

4: Increase property value

Property owners and buyers recognise wood flooring as an excellent investment that offers good ROI. This is also a classic option for homeowners who prefer traditional floors with a rustic appeal.

Combine sturdiness with this rustic appeal, and you’ll have many homeowners competing for your property’s purchase, especially those who want a comfortable theme with superior flooring performance.

With wooden planks, you will be confident that your property’s resale value will compete well in the market!

5: Combine strength and elegance to your interior space

Wood plank flooring is not just sturdy; its classic look also speaks of elegance, thus creating a unique statement for your space. If you’ve looked at wooden planks’ parallel patterns, you’ll agree that they generate traditional themes mixed with a natural ambience that offers ease and leisure.

Furthermore, their elongated patterns make small spaces appear more prominent, complementing your needs on having a maximised room effect. They indeed blend well with your interior space design.

6: Healthy flooring option

Some people select innovative flooring options, like hybrid flooring, laminate, or even carpet tiles and rolls. Many others prefer to see standard and solid wood integrated with their flooring systems. Other users simply want wood planks as their property flooring because they are made from natural wood—a hygienic pick.

Compared with carpeting, wood planks are a healthier flooring option for you and the environment. It will not cause any harm, unlike carpets that can accumulate pounds of dirt (especially when owners do not stick to an efficient cleaning process).

In addition, it provides you with healthier air to breathe. Simple maintenance and cleaning options for wood planks make it a suitable flooring pick for pet owners and allergy sufferers, too.

7: Will blend effortlessly with any decorative item

Do you have potted plants? How about abstract or modern wall paintings? Or maybe you are undecided on what flooring option to get that will mix well with those hanging curtains.

Regardless of the decorative item you have inside the house or office, you can rely on wood planks. Their earthy and natural look will blend well with any decor in the house or workspace.


In selecting a flooring type for your home or office, assess how it can sustain usage in several areas. Can it withstand heavy foot traffic? Is it cheap to maintain? Will it level up your sense of comfort? Or, will it supply your design project requirements?

This is why, whether you are in the renovation or beginning stage of your flooring project journey, be a smart and open-minded buyer.

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