10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring

Is bamboo flooring any good? This flooring category has evolved a lot and continues to be popular among homeowners and commercial developers because it is an ideal alternative (especially in pricing difference) to standard hardwood flooring. It comes with multiple benefits, too, which we will discuss in this blog post.

Read through the article to gain insight into how this floor type is a smart flooring investment, suitable for any application—residential or commercial use.

About Bamboo Plants

According to Britannica, bamboo plants are fast-growing perennial evergreen grass that has 1,400 species. They primarily grow in eastern and southern Asia and thrive in several tropical and sub-tropical areas. They flourish, even without the use of any herbicides and pesticides.

Depending on factors, such as sunlight, location, and climate, they can reach 3 to 5 feet a year! And if left untended, especially giant timber species, they can grow from 40 to 50 feet (or more!).

Gardeners and farmers love bamboo plants’ ability to develop into a dense grove (that can last for hundreds of years or more), providing privacy and landscape enhancement. People also use bamboo plants for simple ornaments and groundcover (small species), food (usually seeds and other edible parts), and planks for houses and other properties (stalks).

Their stalks are especially useful in manufacturing flooring products and construction materials for houses, offices, and other spaces.

Here are 10 reasons this well-known flooring option is worth it:

#1: It is eco-friendly.

Bamboo plants reach harvest-ready or maturity age in just around 3 to 5 years (with the 7th year as the most ideal for stalks to harden). They quickly regenerate, making them a good choice for manufacturing flooring materials.

Bamboo flooring materials come from the largest bamboo species called Moso bamboo. They are also not selective since they grow even in poor soil areas.

Bamboo plants are available in vast quantities all year round, making them a sustainable flooring choice. Their roots are left intact during harvest, with only the stalks trimmed.

Moreover, frequent harvesting of bamboo plants is beneficial to the environment. When their stalks are cut, sunlight reaches areas where small plants grow. This is ideal for renewing the ecology of those areas.

#2: It is economical.

The cheap cost of bamboo is attributed again to its speedy growth. It will generally be a cost-effective flooring investment compared to hardwood flooring, considering the labour costs and sizes of installation areas.

Bamboo plants regrow on their own, while hardwood trees, once harvested, require replanting, which can be time-consuming and costly. Also, before harvesting, you still have to wait over 30 years for maturity with hardwood trees. This is a long wait compared with bamboo plants’ 3- to 7- year maturity.

#3: It comes with several style options.

Bamboo floor styles come in various colours, shapes, grain patterns, surface finishes, and plank sizes, and the main types are horizontal, vertical, and strand-woven. You must first know their characteristics and ideal usage, depending on your desired interior effect.

If you are hesitant with the style that matches your space appeal, you can consult an expert flooring staff to get a professional recommendation.

#4: It is durable.

Although it is not a natural wood but a “woody” grass, it can still withstand numerous activities in your home or workspace. Durable bamboo flooring types are made from compressed resin that generates hardwood’s hardness, and strand-woven bamboo floors are the toughest.

Also, they are resistant to scrapes and dents, especially when you maintain them well and lay over proper subflooring. With bamboo floors, you are guaranteed durability.

Several property owners are impressed with its usage for multiple homes and office rooms, including living rooms, entryways, and kitchens.

#5: It is flexible.

Aside from saving money because of its quick installation methods, bamboo floor installation is DIY-friendly. This means that you’ll not have to deal with technical instructions or rely on professional assistance.

Examples of easy-to-install bamboo flooring types are floating bamboo planks with a click-lock system and laminated bamboo floors with top layers glued to various sub-layers.

#6: It possesses natural colours.

When you think that brown and natural tones will create a barren effect in your space appearance, hold it right there because they actually blend well with various space designs! Bamboo flooring is popular among interior designers because it provides any room environment with a luxurious feel.

Furthermore, its natural look mimics that of standard wood, producing that rich and classy vibe, therefore adding character to your interior environment. And though some opt for low-end bamboo quality due to a shoestring budget, it still creates a timeless look—you’ll never know how cheap you got it for.

#7: It requires low maintenance.

You can keep your bamboo floors spotless without relying on any complex and costly cleaning products. You can just use a mop and mild soap and follow it with wiping or sweeping. We also recommend you set a cleaning routine and strictly follow it.

Though bamboo floors can be susceptible to scratches, diligent refinishing and attentive sanding techniques can effectively preserve their pristine appearance. The refinishing requirements will also depend on the planks’ thickness.

#8: It adapts to varying weather conditions.

Regardless of what environment you’re in, you can be confident that your bamboo floors thrive well because they are not that sensitive to temperature. So, this flooring type can withstand damaging factors brought by extreme weather conditions, while other flooring types swell or decline.

#9: It is a wise option for people with allergies.

Having bamboo floors is like having a permanent connection with nature, bringing so much health and wellness to your overall well-being. Unlike carpets, they do not accumulate too much dust, making them ideal for allergy-prone property owners.

Also, annoying pests do not often nest in these floors, so you don’t have to deal with pesky insects, like ants and termites. Lastly, most bamboo flooring types resist mould and mildew accumulation and repel allergens (such as dust and pollen).

So, overall, this type of flooring is for allergy sufferers. After all, top-notch comfort is your top priority, right?

#10: It lasts long.

Bamboo floors can last for decades, especially for rigid bamboo types! You only have to sweep them daily and use PH neutral wood floor cleaning spray weekly to protect them against damaging scratches.

Also, see to it that you add fitting finishes (since varied finishes are widely available) to keep your pets, kids, and workers safe from slips and falls. Finishes are also beneficial when it comes to keeping your flooring fresh.

How you install, clean, and oversee its performance will lead down to your flooring’s lifespan, especially when they are done correctly. And if properly installed and cared for, they last longer while retaining their stylish look.

Key Takeaway

Many residential and commercial property owners consider bamboo flooring their go-to renewable-resource flooring option, even today. Besides, what’s not to adore when you have natural flooring materials inside your home—and sustainable ones at that!

Bamboo floors will definitely suit your taste if you want flooring materials with various ecological and space appeal benefits.

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